Long Panel vs Short Panel Which is Best For Your Home?

A long panel garage door compared with a short panel garage door. Long panel vs short panel garage door - which is better?

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It’s time to settle the old debate, long panel vs short panel garage door; which one is more appealing? Whether you choose a long panel or short panel, at the end of the day, they’re both durable and offer the same features. So it all boils down to your personal preference and the aesthetics of your home.

For your convenience, we’ll lay down their aesthetic differences, designs, and features so it becomes easier for you to decide which one works for you. 

Long Panel Vs Short Panel Garage Doors Comparison

The two have no stark differences apart from design, look, and feel. Both types of garage doors offer the same safety and security. The main difference, however, lies in the width of their rectangles. Long-panel garage doors look simple, whereas short panels look more intricate. You should go for short-panel garage doors if you prefer a more sophisticated look.

But which type of panel would suit your garage door and home? Let’s talk at length about each to help you decide.

Long Panel Garage Door

Long panel garage door

Long panel garage doors have panels that cover the width of your garage door, offering a neat and simple look.

Thanks to fewer panels, some homeowners prefer them because of their simplicity and elegance. If you’re someone that avoids over-the-top designs, this type of door might be the one for you.

Homes with simplistic and modern designs work well with long-panel garage doors. Not only will a long panel garage door offer an elegant and simple look, but it’ll also improve the overall design of your house.

With long panel garage doors, you get to enjoy a number of options, such as:

  1. Raised Panel: Offering a 3D effect, this type of long panel garage door is slightly raised. This makes the garage door look spectacular from a distance and is a popular choice for modern homes.
  2. Recessed Panel: This option grants a shadow effect, where the panels are set back from the door itself. It offers a unique design that works well with modern and stylish. 
  3. Glass Panel: Featuring glass (either frosted or clear), this panel retracts sunlight and makes your garage door look unique. Its aesthetic is unmatched.

Apart from this, if you live in an area with high winds, go for a long panel hurricane-proof garage door. During storms or high winds, your garage door will always emerge victorious.

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Short Panel Garage Door

Short panel garage door

A short-panel garage door features rectangular panes of shorter lengths, adding more depth to your garage door’s overall look. Each plate is around two feet long. A typical garage door may have 24 panels, making your garage door stand out from the rest.

Homeowners with smaller garage openings should go for short-panel garage doors. A short panel garage door might also be an excellent choice for traditional-style homes. The short, rectangular panels offer a classic and balanced look that complements the symmetrical designs of a traditional house. 

Like long panel, short panel garage doors also come with a variety of options, like:

  1. Raised Panel: Featuring short, raised squares or rectangles, they are customized with different designs, colors, and features to look appealing. This option works well with traditional homes.
  2. Recessed Panel: Featuring short, sunken panels, this option appeals to homeowners who look for a minimalistic design. 
  3. Glass Panel: This style features short glass windows placed in all or some of the panels. You can customize it according to your preferred design to provide your garage with a sleek, attractive look.

You can equip your short panel garage door with automatic openers, making it convenient to access your garage door. Additionally, you can purchase insulated short-panel garage doors to save energy and reduce external noise, and they are designed to cut out additional sounds. 

What Is The Difference Between Short and Long Panel Garage Doors

Once again, the main difference lies in the aesthetics and design (there’s no difference in functionality). However, for some homeowners, the aesthetics are important. So let’s compare the size and compatibility a little.

Both short and long-panel garage doors are available in standard sizes. However, you can also get customized doors to fit your garage openings.

For example, if your garage door is ten feet, you can go for a long panel garage door with two sections measuring four feet in length. Long panel garage doors are usually 7 feet tall and 8 feet wide. But if you have a double-car garage door, choosing 16 feet by 7 feet would be the right choice.

The following table summarizes the pros and cons of both types of garage doors:

Short PanelCustomizableLimited compatibility, offers a traditional (old) look
Long PanelProvides a modern look, cost-effective, low maintenanceFewer customization options

Other Types of Garage Door Panels

Once you have decided on the size of the panel that works best with your garage and the design of your home, it’s time to look at a few design options before you make the final call:

Raised Panel 

A raised panel garage doors.

Typically made of steel, wood, or aluminum, they allow your home to look distinct. With panels cut out into squares, they add texture and depth to simple-looking garage doors. 

Recessed Panel 

A recessed panel garage doors.

Recessed panel garage doors feature rectangular panel designs for homeowners who like subtle and attractive displays. This option suits contemporary home styles.

Flush Panel 

A flush panel garage door.

Flush panels are smooth, flat designs that complement minimalist homes. They are often windowless, which might be an excellent option for homeowners who don’t want to attract a lot of attention.

Ribbed Panel 

A garage door with ribbed garage door panels.

You can add a rich and plain texture to your garage door with vertical or horizontal ribbing. They are often used for commercial or industrial buildings, and this style works well with simplistic settings.

Full View Glass Panel 

A full view glass panel garage door. It is one of the stylish glass panel garage doors.

Panels of glass allow light to pass through them, making the garage door look stylish and attractive. This option is for homeowners who want to stand out from the crowd.

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Carriage House Panel 

A carriage house panel garage door. It is one of the garage door types.

Carriage panel garage doors are available in different varieties, but all of them have one thing in common: they look like traditional carriage doors. This option is suitable for homes with a traditional or classic look. 

Wood Panel 

A wood panel garage door. It is one of the garage door types.

Wood Panel garage doors are for homeowners who prefer rustic or earthy styles. Featuring natural wood, this panel adds warmth to your garage door. You can customize it in different ways, matching your house and its overall look.

The Winner

Technically, there is no winner. Apart from your preferences in terms of design, size, and overall look, there’s not a lot of difference between the two.

Short panel garage doors work well with traditional homes. However, they may not fit the modern, contemporary look. Long panel garage doors fit the contemporary design and look, but they miss out on customization options.

Luckily, the market has a variety of styles and designs to choose from, such as carriage panels, wood panels, glass panels, recessed panels, raised panels, etc.

In conclusion, both designs have their own design and looks. So we’ll leave the final verdict to your preference and judgment.

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