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A Liftmaster and Genie jackshaft opener. Explore the best jackshaft garage door openers.

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In the world of garage door openers, the jackshaft type has been gaining popularity for its unique advantages. 

As garage door experts, we’re excited to guide you through the growing world of jackshaft garage door openers and help you discover the best jackshaft garage door opener options on the market. 

A Genie jackshaft opener.

The Best Jackshaft Garage Door Opener For Your Home

Here are some of the best jackshaft options available:


The Liftmaster jackshaft garage door opener is a premium choice praised for its durability and exceptional performance. Its powerful motor ensures smooth and quiet operation, while advanced security features provide peace of mind. Users appreciate its high-quality construction and ease of installation, making it a top contender in the market.

Unique Features and User Experiences:

  • Powerful motor for reliable performance
  • Smooth and quiet operation enhances user experience
  • Advanced security measures for added protection

Models Available:

1. Liftmaster 8500W Wi-Fi enabled for remote access and control

2. Liftmaster 8500 Standard model with reliable performance

Pricing and User Ratings:

  • Competitive pricing for top-tier quality: the Liftmaster 8500W costs $600-$800, and the Liftmaster 8500 costs $400-$600
  • User ratings highlight ease of installation and setup


  • High-quality construction ensures durability
  • Smooth and quiet operation enhances user experience
  • Advanced security features provide peace of mind


  • Higher price point compared to other brands
  • Professional installation is required for optimal performance

Pro tip. Professional installation is recommended for optimal performance.


The pricing for Genie garage door openers varies depending on the model and features. Generally, Genie openers are competitively priced, with entry-level models starting at around $150, while premium models with advanced features can range up to $300 or more. User ratings for Genie garage door openers are generally positive, with many users praising their reliability, performance, and ease of use.

Unique Features and User Experiences:

  • The Genie opener is equipped with cutting-edge technology, including Intellicode rolling code encryption, which enhances security by preventing unauthorized access to your garage.
  • Users report smooth and quiet operation, thanks to the opener’s powerful motor and advanced noise reduction features.
  • Some models offer smartphone connectivity, allowing you to control your garage door remotely via the Genie Aladdin Connect app.

Installation and Setup:

  • Installation of Genie garage door openers is straightforward and can typically be completed by a DIY enthusiast with basic tools and skills.
  • However, some users may prefer professional installation to ensure optimal performance and functionality.


  • Robust security features, including rolling code encryption
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Smartphone connectivity for remote control


  • It may require professional installation for optimal performance
  • Some models may lack advanced features compared to competitors


A Guardian jackshaft opener.

Guardian is a brand known for its affordability and functionality, and their jackshaft garage door opener perfectly embodies this combination. It offers a balance of essential features at a reasonable price of $499.

It also has a unique set of features. Firstly, it ensures enhanced stability and safety with the Photo-eye Safety System, which automatically stops the door if anything blocks the beam. 

Additionally, it seamlessly operates with the ClearCom Remote Control, utilizing dual burst technology (303MHz/390MHz) to overcome radio interference.


  • Value for money
  • Easy setup
  • Quiet operation


  • Limited advanced features
  • It may require additional accessories for full functionality


Chamberlain is a renowned brand in the garage door opener market, known for its reliability and innovation. Their jackshaft garage door opener offers a range of unique features and user-friendly experiences that set it apart from the competition.

One standout feature of Chamberlain openers is their MyQ technology, allowing users to monitor and control their garage door opener remotely using a smartphone app. 

Models Available:

1. Chamberlain RJO70 – Equipped with advanced features for enhanced convenience and security.

2. Chamberlain RJO20 – Offers reliable performance and ease of use.

The price range of all these Chamberlain models typically falls between $399 and $600, offering flexibility to suit different budgets and needs.

User ratings for Chamberlain garage door openers are overwhelmingly positive. Many users praise their reliability, performance, and ease of installation. 

Installation and setup of Chamberlain jackshaft garage door openers are relatively straightforward, thanks to detailed instructions and user-friendly design. However, professional installation is recommended for optimal performance and safety.

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  • MyQ technology for remote monitoring and control
  • Multiple models to choose from
  • Competitive pricing
  • Positive user ratings


  • Some users may prefer additional features offered by other brands
  • Professional installation may be required for optimal performance

Benefits of Jackshaft Openers

Jackshaft openers present several advantages over traditional models. Their space-saving design, achieved by mounting on the side of the garage door, is ideal for garages with limited headroom or obstructed ceilings. 

Additionally, the absence of ceiling mounting contributes to quieter operation, making them suitable for homes with living spaces adjacent to the garage.

The primary advantage of jackshaft openers lies in their space-saving and quiet operation. By mounting beside the door, they free up valuable ceiling space for storage and minimize noise and vibration transmitted to living areas. These qualities make them a preferred choice for modern homeowners seeking efficiency and peace.

Considering a jackshaft opener is prudent for various reasons. They provide the necessary power to lift and lower high or oversized garage doors smoothly. Moreover, their compatibility with advanced features like smartphone control and Wi-Fi connectivity enhances convenience and home security. 

If your garage has limited access to the ceiling area or obstructed ceilings, a jackshaft opener offers a practical solution.

Key Features to Consider When Buying Jackshaft Garage Door Opener

When purchasing a jackshaft garage door opener, consider the following key features:

1. Motor Power and Drive Type

The motor power determines the opener’s lifting capacity, so make sure to choose one that can handle the weight of your garage door. For standard residential doors, a motor power of 1/2 HP to 3/4 HP should be sufficient. However, if you have a heavier or oversized door, you may need a more powerful motor.

The drive type refers to the mechanism that transfers the motor’s power to the garage door. The two main types of drives used in jackshaft openers are chain drives and belt drives. Chain drives are more affordable but tend to be louder and require more maintenance. Belt drives, on the other hand, are quieter and require less maintenance but are usually more expensive.

2. Compatibility and Connectivity

Google Home and Amazon Alexa connected to wifi.

Look for openers that are compatible with popular smart home platforms like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. This will allow you to control your garage door using voice commands or through your smart home automation system.

Additionally, check if the opener comes with built-in Wi-Fi or if it can be connected to your home network, as this will enable you to control and monitor your garage door from anywhere using your smartphone. Some openers also offer additional features like real-time notifications and remote access, enhancing the convenience and security of your garage.

3. Safety and Security Features

Look for openers that use rolling code technology, which generates a new access code every time the door is operated. This prevents potential intruders from accessing your garage by guessing or copying the access code.

Another important safety feature to consider is the presence of safety sensors. These sensors detect obstructions in the garage door’s path and automatically reverse its operation to prevent accidents or damage. 

4. Remote Control and App Integration

Liftmaster MyQ app.

Here’s a breakdown of how you can explore the convenience of these features:

  • Learn how remote controls and mobile apps make operating your garage door opener easier and more efficient.
  • Understand the benefits of remote access, allowing you to control your garage door from anywhere.
  • Discover how remote control functionality allows you to open and close your garage door with the touch of a button, whether you’re inside your home or miles away.
  • Explore the convenience of mobile app integration, which enables you to monitor and control your garage door using your smartphone, providing flexibility and peace of mind.


After careful review, the clear winner of this roundup is the Liftmaster, with its robust performance, advanced features, and high user ratings. The Genie and Chamberlain are also excellent choices, offering a balance of affordability, functionality, and reliability.

Remember, the best jackshaft garage door opener for you depends on your specific needs and preferences. Consider the size and weight of your garage door, your budget, and the features that are most important to you. 

With the right choice, you can enjoy the convenience and security of a well-functioning, automated garage door.

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